WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

So, you’re strolling through a college campus and all of a sudden you witness a group of students wearing T-shirts with letters on them. Yep, those are the Greeks of campus and whether or not you’re involved, their influence is prevalent on college campuses. Personally, I think it is interesting walking around campus and seeing people representing his or her organization. These symbolic T-shirts add to the campus atmosphere and allow students to embrace their fellow sisters or brothers. I think letters are fashionable because every individual person represents the same organization, but with their own flare on the simple T-shirt.

This Fashionista shows that joining Greek life does not only give you a bunch of new sisters, but also some adorable new T-shirts! Her bright blue and pink shirt allows her to rock some color without being too bold. I love the simple white pattern within the letters to add a simplistic detail. Her dark wash skinnies are a must-have for any college girl. Also, her flats are super neutral, allowing her to pair them with her bold Greek T-shirt.

Greek attire is perfect for any college student because it is comfy and allows one to embrace their uniqueness while representing their organization. When purchasing letters, one is allowed to choose from a variety of patterns and colors to represent their personal taste. Letters are seen on sweatshirts, T-shirts, windbreakers and more. The options are endless! Pair any Greek attire with jeans and you’ve got a casual look for your day that is packed with class, work, studying and a chapter meeting.

Sure, you are probably thinking, but how can letters be fashionable? Try pairing them with bold accessories to add some extra oomph to your Greek attire. Jewelry or a bold cardigan is sure to do the trick. Anyway you style your letters will surely catch the attention of all of your lovely sisters. After all, isn’t that what Greek life is about? Finding your home away from home with people that inspire you to become the best version of yourself? In the end, the T-shirts are just an added bonus!

One Simple Change: Formal philanthropy event for your organization? No worries. Add a blazer and pumps to transform your casual letters to dressy Greek attire.