WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Calling all fraternity boys! Spring initiation is in the air, and pledges everywhere are getting ready to become actives in their chapters. Part of being in Greek life requires members to look spick and span while representing their chapter. In the weeks leading up to initiation, some chapters even require their members to wear pin attire and dress up a few times a week. Whether you’re looking snazzy to go to class, the library or the dining halls, it’s important to look sharp and feel fantastic while representing your chapter.

This Fashionisto was rocking his initiation-pin attire as he made his way to his afternoon classes. Wearing a classic dress shirt and a tie is always a safe route to go when it comes to dressing up, but adding a colorful sweater makes it easier to stand out and make a statement. His cherry red sweater contrasts quite nicely against his blue shirt and tie. This is a combination I probably wouldn’t have originally thought to pair together, but this Fashionisto makes it look phenomenal!

Adding a pair of classy joggers is also always a fantastic way to go. Whoever thought joggers were silly and couldn’t be dressed up was sadly mistaken because this Fashionisto proves otherwise. The cinched ankles on the joggers add a fun detail to the look and also draw a lot of good attention to the entire ensemble as a whole. His leather oxfords and silver watch seal in the deal and tie the whole look together. This Fashionisto also proudly displays his tiny Sigma Chi pin which is very important when leading up to initiation. Wearing outfits that represent your chapter in an excellent light is crucial for recruiting other people around campus. Next time you feel like throwing on letters and sweatpants, remember how great you looked during the weeks leading up to initiation and throw on a kick-butt outfit!

One Simple Change: Heading to a formal dinner after a long day of classes? Add a sleek and sophisticated black blazer for a more formal look.