WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Are you a future college Fashionisto looking to go Greek this upcoming school year and are worried what to wear? Or are you already in Greek life and looking for some recruitment ensemble inspiration? Either way, this Fashionisto’s casual yet cool outfit is a perfect starting point to get you geared up for Greek life.

From first glance, the shirt our Fashionisto’s wearing looks like a chambray blue but as you come closer, a small checkered print emerges giving more detail to the top. The unique stitching near the collarbone of the shirt makes it more memorable than just a normal plaid or chambray shirt, which is ideal when you want people to remember like during recruitment. To keep the look crisp and clean, khaki shorts that are fit and not too loose or tight keep the look put together.

Traveling to and from Greek houses takes up a large portion of the recruitment process, so it is important to stay comfortable and practical. Classic brown Birkenstocks are great for walking around on those long recruitment days and are a perfect, trendier alternative to sneakers. A watch is also a Greek life necessity for staying on time for all events, which our Fashionisto does by wearing a watch with a classic brown leather band to coordinate with his shoes. Sunglasses end this Greek life look on a perfect note as they are ideal for having chats outside during recruitment or traveling to and from houses, with our Greek Fashionisto sporting Ray-Ban Clubmaster style sunglasses with tortoise framing.

One Simple Change: Need to rush (no pun intended) from classes to recruitment or visa versa? Change from your recruitment ensemble to back to school attire by adding a backpack for all your scholarly needs and a cardigan in case your lecture hall feels like an ice box.