WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

As the school year winds down and the temperatures pick up, chapters begin to come to a close. Graduation invites flood your mailbox. High school seniors are in their glory right now: they have chosen their prospective colleges, have little to no homework left and are awaiting the day they can finally leave their old stomping grounds. College seniors are nostalgic and hesitant, dreading leaving the best four years of their lives but also on the verge of excitement with what is to come. Whether it’s a new job, travel or living with friends, everyone has something to look forward to when this chapter closes. And regardless of if you’re the one graduating or just attending the graduation party, there’s one thing to remember when assembling your outfit: comfort. Because odds are, you are going to be in the boiling hot sun somewhere for an extended period of time.

This Fashionista does a stellar job of incorporating comfort into her versatile outfit. Her maxi skirt will keep your legs covered from the sun and its burning rays, but still keeps her cool in the heat. A simple, neutral colored top is great for layering. Throwing a sweater or jacket over it will come in handy if the grad party goes into the night and the night gets cooler. Summertime also means open toes, which means sandals, and everyone should find a great pair of leather sandals to be your go-to shoe this summer. This Fashionista keeps cool while looking put together, ready to watch some good friends close a chapter in their lives.

One Simple Change: What’s the opposite of graduation? Going back to school! In the fall, throw on a worn-in denim jacket to keep warm when the temperatures go down. Nothing screams September like baby blue denim, instilling nostalgia from early elementary years before all of the graduations.