WHAT TO WEAR: Girly Meets Tomboy

One of the first things I noticed about this Fashionista was her adorable, dainty pink top. As a huge fan of blush pink myself, I was immediately drawn into how she incorporated it with her outfit.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the very definition of “opposites attract.” By combining feminine pieces like a collared pink heart blouse with a tougher piece like a black leather jacket, this combination creates an appealing balance. This outfit would be perfect for the girl that can’t stray away from her girly side but still wants to try out a chic street style!

Blush pink is a having a huge moment in the fashion world right now, and black leather jackets are timeless—I don’t ever see them going out of style! Word of advice to Fashionista/os: invest in timeless pieces like a black faux leather jacket, because they won’t ever go out of style! The heftier price tag will be worth the splurge because you’re paying timeless items that will last forever.

To complete the outfit, this Fashionista wore black leggings for simplicity and a pair of cute black laser cut flats. This is a perfect outfit to wear on campus because it’s comfortable, fashionable, and practical. If you’re afraid to make a bold fashion statement but still want to stand out, this is a more casual route you can take to ease into trends you’re hesitant about. As always, fashion is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously! Be your own artist and express yourself through your outward appearance.