WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Girl’s nights are the best nights because they’re a chance to let loose and forget what’s bothering you for a night. As the beginning of the semester comes, we’ll soon be juggling the responsibilities of classes, work and internships. However, with all of the things we have to do, we often forget to schedule well needed time with the girls. It’s a necessity because everyone needs time to have some fun during the semester. As the semester draws near, I’m making it a priority to schedule some time where I can have some fun with my friends.

For a girl’s night out, the key is to keep it casual yet fun. After all, you never know what the night will lead to so a girl’s gotta be prepared for anything. This Fashionista does exactly that while wearing some of the basics and pairing them with accessories to make the outfit truly stand out. She does this with a pair of form fitting jeans and a fitted black tank top. This outfit is perfect for a night on the town, but it’s casual enough to wear if you’re headed to the mall for a sudden shopping trip. For accessories, she wears a choker necklace and black sandals. Her black leather purse ties the outfit together, and functions as a good place to hold anything she might need to bring for the night. This pulls the outfit together perfectly, and creates a unique look that’s both fun and comfortable for the night’s adventures.

One Simple Change: Want to get some studying or some homework done before you head off for a fun night? Since the library can get a bit chilly, it’s important to pack a cardigan sweater or a comfy sweatshirt. After all, it’s important to work as hard as you play.