WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

When it comes to black and white horizontal stripes, I tend to always proceed with caution. Besides the potential for you to look like an old school escaped convict, often the width of the stripes can make you appear wider and boxier than you actually are. Seriously, nobody wants that. However, when spotting this Fashionista’s dress, her stripes were perfectly aligned. The top of the dress is color-blocked with black, creating one large stripe across her shoulders and upper chest area. Then, slightly below the thick top stripe is a second skinny one that cuts through her bust line. This second added stripe takes the dress from a casual black and white frock to an absolutely eye-catching piece and totally not your typical jailbreak attire.

The dress is the clear centerpiece of the outfit, but the finer details add in that personal statement about the look and the style of this Fashionista. The dangly gold bracelet and silver rings brings about a quiet elegance. The swipe of a light maroon lipstick, the black lace-up booties and a sassy look add a final layer of edge. This Fashionista’s outfit keeps her classy while still showing off her playful youth. Yet, it was her dark brown hair and natural toned makeup that had me doing a double take thinking, “was that Jackie Kennedy Onassis I just saw?” The outfit was perfect for the Fashionista’s girl’s night out.

One Simple Change: Try transitioning this outfit from girl’s night to date night with this simple change. Trade out the lace-up booties and go for a bright-colored shoe! The bright color against the black and white palette brings that final pop to the outfit and a definite compliment from your date.