WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

The South is blazing hot in the summer. Between the 90-degree temperatures and sticky humidity, there’s really no good reason to be outside unless you’re in a body of water. So, when a formal event is called for, a fine line is drawn between dressing appropriately for the event and the weather. Even if the event is held indoors, those two minutes from the car, bus or train to the building can make any faithful southerner consider life as a Yankee.

During this time of year, I tend to forfeit clothing that covers an appropriate amount of surface area on my body for a better lack of back sweat. Thankfully in this case, we’re not dressing for grandma’s 80th birthday bash or Aunt Sue’s retirement party. Instead, it’s ye good ole’ G.N.O, which means nothing is off limits.

This Fashionista knocks out two outfits and wraps it into one. She’s wearing a bodycon dress, which could be mistaken for a two-piece set. In one fell swoop she knocked out the hassle of matching a crop top with a bandage skirt. The Fashionista kept her jewelry to a minimum, sporting one ring lets the attention stay on the dress. The back is not only perfect for the evening, but also a great back sweat deterrent. As for her shoes, sticking to sandals and avoiding heels is a complete life saver when trotting around town in the summer.

The G.N.O. is about you and your best lady friends empowering each other while sipping on some drinks on a great rooftop. That’s what every girl’s night out is like, right?

One Simple Change: Say grandma calls last minute and needs you to pick up some milk for her at the grocery. So before heading out for some errands, throwing on a leather jacket keeps the outfit appropriate, but is also a great piece for the rest of the evening.