WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

No matter where you are during summer vacation, whether it is staying at school and taking some extra classes or working every single day with a babysitting gig, us Fashionistas all have one thing in common when the sun goes down: girl’s night! Whether it consists of a stay-at-home spa night, a trip downtown or, in this Fashionista’s case, a country concert, it is important to dress properly for the occasion to make it even more fun! After a long week of summer school classes, this Fashionista was in need of a major celebration and decided to head out to see a concert with some of her girlfriends. Talk about a much needed study break!

I like how this Fashionista is dressed in exactly what makes her feel the most comfortable, but also something that fits the occasion. I love her flower pattern tank top with the cute ruffles! It pairs extremely well with the white cardigan she chose, which is a great option because it isn’t too heavy and is perfect to use if the night gets a little cooler. (Where are you, warm summer nights?!) The tank top/cardigan combo is very versatile, so it looks cute for anything and is an excellent go-to outfit. The bottom half of the outfit—jeans and cowboy boots—adds a country flair for the concert and helps the Fashionista achieve her desired look for her fun night out.

One Simple Change: If the weather near you is warm or hot in the evenings (lucky you!), it is okay to go without the cardigan.