WHAT TO WEAR: Game Day Glamour

It is a well-known fact that in the south the coveted college football game is a traditional and ceremonious event. Because of this, come game day in the Southeast, female fans are typically dolled up in sundresses, classy jewelry and cowboy boots, while their male counterparts sport nice shorts, polos or button-downs and—surprisingly often—bowties! After commenting on this, ESPN game day noted, “the University of South Carolina takes it to a whole new level. That football crowd is like something you would see in Vogue magazine.” Now, while this announcer most likely knows as much about Vogue as I know about fantasy football (note: nothing), I strongly agree with his statement.

People north of the Mason-Dixon line blessed with tolerable weather often scoff at the concept of “dressing up” for a game as opposed to simply sporting denim bottoms and a team jersey. But, when the temperatures reach upwards of 100 degrees, a light and flowy dress or romper feels 1000 times better than a heavy, heat-entrapping polyester jersey. Trust me.

With fall highs ranging from 80-100 degrees, it comes as no surprise that Columbia, South Carolina has literally christened itself with the trademarked slogan “Famously Hot.” However, while the universe did curse us Gamecock fans with hellish heat and humidity, it made up for it by blessing us with alluring team colors: garnet and black. At the University of South Carolina, we truly are “cocky for a reason,” because unlike the horrendous orange and purple our neighbors to the Northwest must endure (sorry Clemson Fashionistas/os), garnet and black are fashionable, slimming and look good on everyone (seriously, garnet and black are the new black).

Generally, the typical tailgate look for a Gamecock girl consists of cowboy boots and a garnet/black dress/romper. In regards to our gamed ay getup, I think there is an unspoken understanding between all of us that the concept of light and flowy is just as important as—if not more important than—the concept of looking stylish and attractive. This Fashionista is clearly a trendy tailgate veteran—understanding the importance of sporting the team colors in a cute, classy, comfy and cool outfit. This flowy off-the-shoulder crop top paired with flowy high-waisted shorts (with pockets!) ensures that the wearer will beat the heat—and look incredible doing it! The pops of various shades of garnet found in this Fashionista’s jewelry, lipstick and shoe choices augments team spirit as well as individual flair into her simultaneously distinct yet conventional look.

Because Williams-Brice Stadium holds over 80,000 people, only the best of the best dressed truly stand out. I believe this Fashionista’s game day getup has her ready for the cocky couture runway show that is Gamecock tailgating. I incontestably hope for a fashionable as well as victorious season of Gamecock football. However, if the latter fails to transpire, I feel it is appropriate to quote Anna Wintour, the ultimate Fashionista, and note, “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.”