If you look back at how generations of people dressed for formal occasions, you’ll notice that while women’s fashion dynamically changes, what men wear mostly stays the same. The classic suit and tie, after all, never gets old. If you want to look dignified and debonair, suits are the way to go as this ensemble puts the “man” in “gentleman.” Pop icon Justin Timberlake said it best: “As long as I have my suit and tie, I’m gonna leave it all on the floor tonight.” Take it from JT; he knows the power of the suit.

This Fashionisto also knows what’s up. I found him at a semi-formal event dressed in a black lapel suit jacket, matching pants and a striped, navy blue button-down. His suit, tie and dress shoes were all black in order to make the blue (which matched his date’s dress) pop. Even though it seems that men have less pieces to fuss with and an easier time deciding what to wear for special events, it still requires thought and effort to look this good.

The number one rule is to make sure what you’re wearing fits well. There are a few guidelines to determine this. For example, the shoulder of your suit jacket should remain flat and the seam should meet the sleeve of the suit exactly where your arm meets your shoulder. The length of the jacket sleeve should be long enough to cover your forearm but short enough to expose a little shirt cuff. The hem of the jacket should extend down to the middle of your hand when your arm is relaxed by your side. I know it seems like a lot of trivial details, but trust me when I say that a little bit goes a long way. As the saying goes, “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”

One Simple Change: Swap the striped, navy blue button-down for a white one for a simple and mature look that’s good for a job interview or a formal date night.