When the phrase “summer’s here” is rung through your ears on repeat, you’re continuously visualizing the warmth of the sun against your skin, the call of the ocean, extended time with friends and time spent outdoors. (Disclaimer: visualizations may vary from person to person). I’ve taken notice of something though–while college students are preparing for a summer of “fun in the sun,” they’re forgetting that summer still comes with its set of responsibilities as well. School might be on break, but fashion never takes a vacation.

Graduation parties, weddings and family gatherings: the summer season of formal events is upon us. This remains the time when you see people you haven’t seen since high school and you catch up with relatives you’ve neglected to keep in touch with. Afraid you don’t have too many exciting new stories to share or hoping to avoid too much conversation with a particular relative/friend? Take a tip from this week’s Fashionistos and let your outfit do the talking for you! (Okay, yes, the reverse is possible and this might make you the center of attention, but go with me here).

Fashion has a story of its own to tell, shamelessly demonstrated through these colored statement blazers. While capturing street style, these pieces obstructed my line of view and captivated my attention. I wanted to know all I could about the outfit! (This would come in handy when trying to avoid personal story telling). These Fashionistos paired their blazers with off-patterned bow ties, following the same color scheme of the blazers. This helps to add another grab for attention when in closer proximity of the ensemble. A single-tone pair of trousers and simply stated shoes helps to complete the look, giving it a finished appeal.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with a cute date after your event? Try changing from trousers to dark-wash denim and removing the bow tie to give the outfit a more relaxed appeal.