Spring is just around the corner, and with all the ice and snow melting, we can finally see the green blooming underneath. Though it will be a few more weeks until we can safely say that the temperatures have risen for good, the ability to see the sun will have to do. As winter ends and the flowers start to bloom, so do the colors in our wardrobe. Navy and dark purple will soon be swapped for yellow and orange, and heavy sweaters will be tucked away until next year.

In the month that is all about the Irish, it is no surprise that walking around campus, I spotted this Fashionisto showing off his Irish pride. What really caught my eye about his outfit was that his suit was how he took his bold green look and made it formal. While most guys may not want to pull off such a daring outfit for a serious event, this Fashionisto had his head held high and confidently strutted his stuff to various events around campus. To make the suit more appropriate for wearing during the day, he wore Sperry Top-Siders rather than dress shoes. On his wrist, this Fashionisto sported a statement watch with a gold faceplate and leather band. To complete his outfit, he wore a skinny green tie in the same shade of green as the rest of the suit, giving him a cohesive look.

One Simple Change:  For you gentleman out there who don’t feel like being the center of attention in a green suit, use the look’s elements and incorporate the single color into workout wear. Many companies make athletic tops and bottoms that are the same colors, and wearing a matching color set is a great way to stand out at the gym, or on a run in the park.