WHAT TO WEAR: Flannels are Fun

I am absolutely in love with this Fashionista’s outfit and think that it is perfect for class. I love how she is wearing something that is comfortable and practical, but still manages to looks absolutely adorable. She could head to a lunch or dinner right after class and still be dressed for the occasion.

Lets start with her stunner shades. I am a huge fan of Ray Bans and think they are absolutely perfect because they are stylish, durable, and protect your eyes from the sun. Nothing is better than sunglasses that are fashionable and practical at the same time.

Next, her vest. I am a huge vest person and think that they are so darn cute. Vests are perfect for a day when it isn’t necessarily cold enough for a coat, but is still a little bit chilly. Paired with a red flannel, it makes for a darling combination.

One of my favorite parts of this outfit are the rolled jeans paired with the cutest pair of Steve Madden slip-ons. I am absolutely in love. What I love about this type of shoe is that they literally slip on and then slip off, which is perfect if you want to take a quick nap in between class and be ready to go pretty quickly afterwards.

Overall, I think this Fashionista killed the game when it came to pairing a few of her favorite pieces together. Whether she is heading to class or out to brunch, I think this outfit can be loved and worn over and over again. This just may be a huge benefit of the fact that North Carolina can be chilly, but it is fortunately not too cold at the moment. Yay for vests!