WHAT TO WEAR: First Day of Classes

Winter Break always has all us students get very comfortable with the holidays to the point where we do not want to go back to college. But that time comes, and then we have to think about those early morning classes, two to three coffee indulgences every day, and what to wear, especially. I don’t know about other students, but I do pay close attention to my outfit when I am beginning a new semester. I do not want to look like I have put too much effort, but I also do not want to look like I just got out of my bed. This Fashionista shows exactly that. She is effortlessly looking chic, comfortable, and stylish. She bring a sweet, enthusiastic vibe with her, together with her outfit.

The Fashionista is styling a white, tote bag that reads, “Brooklyn”, which is perfect for the first day, as she can carry anything she might need to buy for her classes. This tote bag is also authentic and meaningful, as the Fashionista is representing her original hometown by wearing it at Temple University. She starts off the outfit by wearing a plaid, long sleeve red shirt from H&M. These black booties are wearable with any kind of outfit—I love the simplicity in her look. The jacket she has on top is from North Face. I like that the green and blue colors from the jacket complement the red, long sleeve shirt she has underneath, but are also great, popular colors in this season.
Finally, she is wearing a pink, winter hat from Forever21, which also complements all the other colors of her outfit. She is finishing her look also by rocking some silver, hoop earrings to make her signature look more authentic, and their size looks proportionate with her face. This Fashionista is ready to take on the first day of classes. I sure love her look. I am sure you all do too!