We’ve all been at that awkward and motivation lacking time of the semester that usually falls right between midterms and Spring Break. It’s awkward because you are forced to be focused on your midterms or finals, but all you can think about is that week-long Spring Break some place warm that is right around the corner. For me, this time during the semester it is even difficult to get out of bed and put on something other than leggings. This Fashionista does a perfect job of creating a comfortable outfit that is still cute and doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard.

First, her outfit literally screams that she’s ready for Spring Break! The shorts and the tank top crop top tells me that she’s super ready for the beach. This crop top is very on-trend right now and the stripes are so cute. It looks comfortable and not constricting, which is perfect for finals because it will keep her cool and relaxed when she’s taking her exams. Plus, the flannel is perfect because classrooms tend to get super cold and flannels act as the perfect light sweater. I also love the trend right now of mixing and matching patterns and this is a perfect example. The stripes and the flannel don’t clash since the colors she picked, grays with black and white, are perfect for mixing and matching.

Her sunglasses are also a great addition to her outfit. The aviator style is perfect for any outfit because they’re such a classic style. These slide sandals have been a huge trend lately and I love that this Fashionista decided to rock them. They go great with the look and don’t distract from the rest of the outfit, yet add to the relaxed, comfortable vibes.

One Simple Change: Want a night out but don’t want to change your whole outfit? Add a pair of strappy heels to the outfit instead and call it a night! You’ll still be super comfortable in your spring outfit, and the heels will dress it up a bit!