May 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

It is always nice to go back to the basics. Experimenting with fun, funky colors and unique textures is great, and here at CollegeFashionista, we thrive off of that. However, I believe simplistic outfits are always welcomed as well.

We all know I love the black, white and gray color palette because it looks great on everyone. Navy and other earth colors, however, have also been stocking the shelves recently. I personally think we are going to see a lot more navy as we head into summer and I can’t wait! No need to add stress to your already hectic schedule in the midst of all your classes and final exams; instead, just keep calm and style on.

This Fashionisto did just that! His cotton T-shirt falls under the category I like to call ‘cute casual’ because it is the kind of shirt one wears when he or she wants to be casual without having to pull out the sweatpants and random junior varsity soccer T-shirts. I also like the fit of his shirt. It is not too big nor too small, which makes the outfit look clean and put together. Plus, I know many of you can agree with me when I say there is something very attractive about a man in a fitted T-shirt.

Moving on to the bottoms, take a second to notice the cuff detailing at the ankle. This Fashionisto continues to keep it simple, but like I said before, he adds a new color to the ensemble. Around my college campus, I see a bunch of males rocking these chino styled pants, which are also supposedly extremely comfortable. These pants can be dressed up for different important college events, but also dressed down, like this Fashionisto has done. And hey, if they are comfortable and stylish, I definitely support them.

Lastly, this Fashionisto accessorized with a UPenn beanie (I’m loving the school spirit), a super sleek watch that goes seamlessly with the outfit and some classic brown Clark shoes. Like I always say, stay comfortable and fashionable for class. Final exams are a stressful time, so try to find an equal balance between both the fashion and academic mediums. Oh, and don’t forget: simplicity can still be stylish!

One Simple Change: Finals are finally over and the weekend is here! You want to go explore the city in some weekend wear? Take off the beanie and throw on a wide-brim summer felt fedora and your favorite sunglasses to spice up your look!