April 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time where you spend countless hours cooped up in the library reviewing and relearning the material you have learned all year. Finals week is always the craziest of weeks in a college student’s life, and it is a moment in time where you might not look or feel at your best. Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista, and you will be sure to pull off the most put together yet relaxed look that will get you through the finals chaos.

When one considers finals wear, you automatically think of frumpy sweat pants, sweatshirts, sneakers and disheveled buns, but not for this Fashionista. This Fashionista managed to pull together an appropriate finals week look that was stylish, but still comfortable and warm enough for those long days spent in the library and taking tests. She is wearing a very monochromatic outfit that includes a cardigan, a simple striped shirt and a pair of the oh-so essential black denim skinny jeans. Cardigans are the perfect alternative for the oversized and frumpy sweaters because it is a piece that still keeps you warm while giving you a very put together look.

As for accessories, this Fashionista kept it very simple with a silver and black ring, a pair of pink sunnies and a very spring-inspired hat. The hat and sunnies adds that pop of color that give her outfit more of that spring feel. Walking under the unbearable Florida sun for a long time can be exhausting, so a hat really protects you from walking around drenched in sweat. For shoes, she went with a simple pair of sandals that still played with the black and white theme of her entire ensemble. Put all these things together, and you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect finals look that will make you feel good enough to ace all your tests.

One Simple Change: If you are not much of a cardigan and sandal lover but still want to achieve that warm and relaxed look, switch out the cardigan and top for a graphic crewneck sweater. As for shoes, you can trade in the sandals for a funky pair of sneakers that will keep you looking suave as you’re headed to class after exams.