WHAT TO WEAR: Fashion on a Budget

As the new semester rolls in, you may realize you need a little revival to your wardrobe. Being a college student makes this difficult for most because of our limited budget, but now is the perfect time to snatch great sales and discounted winter items as the spring and summer collections begin to come out. It is also time to take advantage of those pieces you shoved in the back of your closet. Pull them out, restyle them or do some DIY to create a completely different garment. This Fashionista took full advantage of sales to create the perfect outfit. It is great for class, great for lunch, but especially great with a restricted budget.

Ever looking for those perfect pair of jeans? Well this Fashionista found them at T.J. Maxx! This Fashionista was excited to share her great deals with us. These high-waisted denim jeans that are slightly cropped are perfect for all seasons. A small cuff helps them lay perfectly at the top of these adorable brown booties. Along with the jeans, these booties were found at T.J. Maxx at a discounted price, which helps make you feel a little less guilty about spending money. These booties are so versatile. This Fashionista suggested wearing them with her favorite floral sundress in the warmer months.

The deals continue when it comes to the upper layers. The white shirt with detailing pairs perfectly with a maroon flannel and were both found in the American Eagle Outfitters sale rack. She was able to maximize her shopping time and budget with deals like these. On cold winter days, it is essential to have your winter coat, so why not make it fashionable? This Ralph Lauren jacket also found amongst the sale racks gets the job done. Warm and stylish, this Fashionista said it is her favorite jacket. Accessories are a must when finishing off your outfit. Whether you grab your favorite scarf and gloves to keep warm or some jewelry, everything adds to the outfit. A layered necklace adds dimension and follows the V-neckline of the shirt. A simple rose gold watch finishes off the look.

Each item in this outfit was found at a great deal, making it all the better. Each piece (except the jacket) can easily be converted for other seasons. This Fashionista explained how she put this outfit together on a budget and made it look as if she spent a lot. Who knew what a rewarding feeling you would get from a trip to the sale rack!