WHAT TO WEAR: Fashion and Function

In my opinion, if there is any season that can be hard to dress for, it is winter. Sometimes walking across campus in the blistering wind or snow can seem like a feat in and of itself and fashion is the last thing on anyone’s mind. While it may seem daunting, dressing fashionably and staying warm are not mutually exclusive.

This Fashionista decided to layer a fun combination of pieces and colors to keep warm. The simple black turtleneck and a red patterned skirt served as a great starting point for layering in this outfit. The long teal trench coat is definitely a statement piece and is also extremely practical for covering up while braving cold temperatures.  

In addition to the main pieces of the outfit, over-the-knee socks were added for both warmth and style. The beige beanie in this look plays off of the other colors in the outfit and, of course, keeps things warm and cozy for those cold winter days.  

Another crucial part of this outfit are the shoes! Dr. Martens are known to be durable and versatile making them the perfect shoe for any occasion. Once they have been broken in, these boots are extremely comfortable and can be worn at any time to add an edgy component to almost any outfit while also providing extreme functionality. Details like the brooch and antique spoon ring give this outfit character, as well as a personal touch. By seamlessly combining functionality and fashion, this outfit shows that you can stand out and feel confident while also staying warm on campus.