WHAT TO WEAR: Falling For Thigh-Highs

As we transition from summer to fall, pumpkin spice lattes aren’t the only thing that are back! The return of boot season is the most anticipated time of year. But this year, there is a remotely new competitor in the “boot game.”

Are you feeling bored with your closet? Do you feel like all your outfits are missing something? It’s definitely time to invest in a pair of these boots. The over-the-knee boot has many variations. This season we’ve already seen the basic over-the-knee boot, the slimming thigh-highs and the outrageous boots that might as well be their own pair of pants.

This fall it’s all about brown and suede. This Fashionista’s stunning brown, suede thigh-high boots couldn’t be a more ideal addition to her fall closet. The dramatic lace-up detail on the back adds a rustic, but chic feel. This Fashionista complemented her boots with a beaded dress because, by the way, beads are in! But you can also pair them with a simple skirt, a flattering romper or plain jeans and a top.

I didn’t want to tie these boots down to one specific category because they are so versatile. Usually, statement pieces aren’t exactly something you can wear to a broad range of events. Good news, these boots can be worn to way more places than you think!

A girl’s night out is a time where you can push for more wild and fun pieces because you’re surrounded by your closest friends. I highly recommend whipping a pair of these bad boys out during a GNO because all the praise you’ll get before you leave your apartment will set you up for a great night out.

Don’t be afraid to dress these boots down and wear them to your local farmer’s market or lunch on the avenue. Not only will you be turning heads left and right, but you will be introducing the newest trend of the season!

Feeling like you’ve absolutely exhausted all your game day options? Now that tailgate season is in full effect, don’t be afraid to rock these loud boots. They’ll turn any simple outfit you have into a revamped ensemble.

Whether your Kim Kardashian petite or Kendall Jenner tall, you can rock them all! An added bonus of these thigh-high boots is their leg-slimming effect. Don’t be shy of these boots if you feel you’re too short. They add instant length.

I encourage you all to delve outside of your comfort zone and try a pair of boots that match your style. What to wear this fall is ultimately up to you, but if you want to do it right, thigh-high boots are the move for you!