WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Is For Overalls!

Autumn is the season of warm coffee, the changing of the leaves and my personal favorite, Halloween. When most people think of fall fashion, Uggs, leggings and cardigans come to mind. If you live on the West Coast, or anywhere else where fall is stubborn to begin, it is not quite time to pull those sweaters out. At the same time, it is not quite shorts weather either. I am loving overalls at the moment because they are a cute and comfortable middle for those few weeks that are not quite autumn, but surely not summer. Grab your mug full of your favorite fall drink and let me tell you why I am so in love with the trend.

I am always a fan of convenience. I love wearing dresses because that one piece is an entire outfit. Overalls are the perfect mixture of wearing jeans, but not having to put an entire outfit together. They are cute, casual and oh so stylish for autumn. Pair them with a crop top underneath and a reliable pair of Converse. Since the weather is so unpredictable, at least here in Colorado, it is never a bad idea to have a flannel with just in case. Plus, it makes for a cute accessory! Grab your favorite pair of earrings and your look is complete. This look is casual and perfect for class, a date or walking downtown, enjoying that crisp autumn air. This outfit is the ultimate cool girl look. You will look stylish without losing your comfort.

This fall, do not be afraid to step out of that habit of jumping into your Uggs as you run to class. Try something new, find your statement piece of clothing. So keep your grades up and make sure not to miss the beauty of autumn. Remember, it is the season of warm drinks, the changing of colors and overalls!