WHAT TO WEAR: Fall in Florida

First semester is in full swing and so is fall fashion! If you ladies have been keeping up with this year’s trends as diligently as you have been keeping up with your schoolwork, (like I know y’all have been…hopefully? Maybe send a few prayers for the sake our GPAs), we know that chambray, organic color palettes and suede are making their mark this season. As a Virginia native, I know firsthand that fall in VA and fall in Florida are a tad bit different, to say the least. Fall in Florida is delayed about three months when it drops to anything below 80 degrees; basically if you aren’t sweating when you step foot outside, it’s fall. Woohoo! Nevertheless, the sweltering heat will not stop us Florida gals from hitting the new arrivals rack at Nordstrom this month.

Our striking Fashionista hits the nail on the head wearing a classic long sleeve T-shirt dress paired with canvas peep-toe wedges. It’s early October in Tampa Bay with temperatures varying from 75 to 90 degrees; the beautiful thing about dresses is that even though the upper half of your body might be covered—wait, you’re saying I can’t get a tan in this outfit?—at least your legs can catch some of that bay breeze.

Fall means it’s time to break out the jewels… let’s hit J.Crew! Shops everywhere are starting to display fall favorites which typically include chunky jewelry in an assortment of metals; antique silver, brass and rose gold seem to be winners this year in the jewelry department! Our Fashionista sports a gorgeous statement necklace, which totally completes the look.

From a leather hobo bag to a mini snakeskin cross-body, like the one seen here on this Fashionista, this season gives us an ample selection of bags and accessories. Any department store like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales will carry a plethora of purses to throw all of your lady necessities in when you hit the pumpkin patch for those sratty Instagram shoots. A suede hat in any color is also the perfect addition to any outfit come fall!

Hope y’all have a fabulous time rocking your flannels and suede! As for my southern belles, don’t get too discouraged by that number on your weather app—dress for the season, not the weather. :