WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Fashion

Here on the East Coast fall weather is officially in full swing, and it’s time to break out our sweaters, scarves and layers of all things black. While fun, dressing for this time of year can be challenging as well. The freezing morning temperatures but warm and sunny afternoons can make it difficult to choose an outfit that will work throughout the entire day, but this Fashionista appears to have figured it out.

We’re always told every girl needs at least one little black dress in her closet, and it makes sense why. They are simple, classic and easy to pair with almost anything.This Fashionista proves this point quite well.  Dresses are perfect for college students. They are quick and easy to throw on right before class, but always look put together. Pairing her dress with black tights is a great way go from summer to fall. The tights keep her warm while giving the outfit some serious fall vibes. Her black ankle boots are a staple of any fall wardrobe.  The low heel makes these shoes comfortable for walking around a college campus all day, but still keeps them interesting.

Her scarf adds the right amount of interest needed to spice up an all black outfit.  The floral print is beautiful and pairs well with the stripes. The way she tied the scarf sets it apart from the typical circle scarves spotted around campus. This Fashionista’s slouchy, dusty rose shoulder bag is the perfect compliment to her scarf. The color pops beautifully against her black dress, while still being a great, muted shade of pink, which is perfect for transitioning into fall. Carrying a purse is a perfect alternative to a bulky backpack on days with few classes or books to carry around. This Fashionista is clearly prepared for a very stylish fall.