WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Essentials

As the wind picks up and the temperature starts to drop, it is time to think about our upcoming fall trends. Leather is coming back this fall in a different way. Many of us have a leather jacket or two in our closets that we always love to dig out when the leaves start to change. We love it because it is classic and gives us a bit of warmth from the crisp autumn air. However, this season try incorporating leather in a different way. This Fashionista is sporting a black leather skirt with metal details. Leather often comes across as rebellious, but the skirt gives off a feminine vibe with a little bit of edge.

Another major element that is going to be in play this season is different hues of green. Almost every shade is acceptable, from bright to dull. Many people tend to shy away from the bright and florescent greens, but I would definitely give them a try this season. If bright and bold is not your style, check out this Fashionista’s duller shade of green. This pine green top is subtle but contrasts well next to the dark skirt. Whether it’s a vivid or dim shade, green is going to pair well with your fall wardrobe.

Lastly, big buckles on shoes are in. Many shoes even have multiple large buckles on them. This is a fashion statement for your feet. Buckles are appearing on casual flats and evening pumps. I would say more the merrier when it comes to buckles around your ankles. Also there is no slacking off on your pedicure because open toed shoes are also here for fall 2016. A mix of statement buckles and visible toes will have you on-trend for this upcoming season.