WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Classes

Since the beginning of time, the beanie has been considered to be the coolest most hipster hat ever. Urban Dictionary defines a hipster as “Someone who listens to bands you’ve never heard of, wears ironic T-shirts.” A stereotypical hipster would be that dude in your English 110 class that jokingly asks you “Oh so you like Led Zeppelin…Name five of their songs,” when you are just wearing the band T-shirt to keep up with the recent band T-shirt trend.

Here, this Fashionisto reinvents the idea of the beanie and makes it more wearable and casual. Nothing against the hipster guy in your English class he probably rocks the beanie too. Anyways, it is that time of fall where it is below freezing in the morning and it is about 65 degrees in the late afternoon. Therefore, this Fashionisto is adequately dressed for the whacky Delaware weather by layering. This outfit looks effortlessly cool with a thrifted chambray button-down that is worn on top a basic gray T-shirt with a pocket. Chinos are the perfect pair of pants for going to class or grabbing a quick bite to eat on Main Street. This Fashionisto wears navy chinos to contrast his burgundy beanie. His outfit is simple, but very versatile. Need to change the look from day to night? Button up the shirt and ditch the bean for a dressier vibe.