The air is crisp and the landscape seems to begin to paint a picture as brown begins to speckle the grass. The trees are still green, but will soon turn their leaves. The days become shorter and the air becomes cooler. For fall is in the air and with it comes fall fashion. For many Fashionistos out there, this means the transition from bro tanks and cargo shorts, to long pants and long sleeves, to wearing colors of a darker fashion and thicker fabrics in their wardrobes. But, the key to the perfect fall wardrobe is finding staple pieces that complement one another.

This Fashionisto is ready for autumn to hit with the hues of red and green sprinkling his shirt. The patterns in his flannel bring out a Midwestern feel that is perfect for a casual everyday look. With his big chest pockets, it accents his flannel and adds character to his top. The dark jeans give off a more sophisticated vibe that pairs well with the patterned flannel. The loafers complement his attire and match his glasses with their dark brown color that ties the outfit together. The glasses create an intellectual side to his look that is able to make his outfit stand out from the crowd.

To take this look from fall to spring, simply replace your flannel with a gray statement T-shirt. The T-shirt will make your look feel light and airy and perfectly match the mood of spring. For now, let’s enjoy the sweater weather while it lasts.