Have you found yourself staring at your clothes extra long in the morning? Can’t decide whether to continue throwing on shorts or to pull out your booties and cardigan? The transition from summer to fall fashion is not always an easy thing to do but of course with guidance, anything is possible!

This Fashionista sports a feminine-chic look with the help of her silk palazzo pants and statement choker.  The choker complements her subtle white blouse by adding the finishing touch to her ensemble. The bandana choker has been trending all summer, so why not extend it into the fall? She holds on to her black Prada bag effortlessly; it’s not too much of a big bag but it is just the right size to carry all of her essentials. The colors she decided to choose for her outfit were based on her everyday colors that she loves to wear during the fall. Navy blue, white and black is a great combination together. Some people have the misconception that it is not okay to mix bold colors together, but on the contrary all these colors complement each other to make the outfit a “fall look.”

Accessorizing is also a must for her; she sports a Michelle watch on her wrist, Prada sunglasses with tinted lenses and a black long necklace that you can barely notice under her choker but still visible (wow talk about style!) She decided to wear sandals because it is still about 80 degrees outside, so it was only right! Although, her pants are so long it is almost impossible to notice she has on a pair of sandals. She is ready for the leaves to fall but not the weather to drop just yet! However, she is very prepared for this season’s newest fashion trends to take over!

This look can be worn for so many different occasions because it in between elegant and dress casual. So if you were getting ready for a big job interview, I would only change the sandals to heels for a more professional look! Still stylish but also conservative!