When it starts to get colder, the leaves start to change colors, you see snow on the ground and you have to wear seven layers to school, you know it’s fall. Oh, wait. I live in Arizona where it’s abnormal to put on more than a toasty sweater, and it never gets lower than fifty degrees! But in these harsh times, we Arizonians love to unpack our button-ups and look stylish while doing so.

Besides a nice set of arms, we ladies love a man who knows how to dress. Although men seem to have it much simpler than women, most guys will stick to the baggy sweatshirt every single chilly day. Why not follow this Fashionisto’s footsteps and throw on a comfortable and simple sweater? It signifies that you’re a gentleman, a class act and a great guy to bring home to mom and dad.

This Fashionisto’s plain green sweater is definitely a favorite for this season. Pairing the musky green sweater with a pair of khakis pulls the outfit together well. Although my ideal image of this man would be wearing some brown and laced-up chukkas, he successfully set the casual tone with his loafers. I know his glasses are prescription, but it pulls the fall look together nicely. If you don’t need glasses, please do not make a fool of yourself and wear a pair of fake lenses. What I really want my college male readers to take away from this article is to understand that you should put an extra two minutes into your morning routine when you pick out your outfit because the ladies around campus will appreciate it greatly. After all, a fitted sweater or cardigan is still a lot comfier than when a woman wears a jean jacket.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit classier, you can replace his cozy sweater with a nicer button-up. Light blues always go well with khakis. His casual sneakers are only acceptable if it’s for a nice movie date or a fraternity chapter meeting, unless you want to get some disappointed stares at your Thanksgiving dinner.