November 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Halloween may be over, but it isn’t winter just yet. Fear not my fellow fall fanatics, we still have time to order our pumpkin spice lattes and rock our favorite fall trends.

Fall is the best time of year for Fashionistas/os! The drop in the temperature allows us to wear our favorite knit sweaters with boots without being too hot or too cold. Not to quote Goldilocks, but the crisp fall air is “just right.” The perfect temperatures aren’t the only aspect of fall that make it the best season of all: the changing colors of the leaves has always been Mother Nature’s best work. To me, I have always felt that fall clothing reflected the season. Beiges, maroons, olive greens and reds are always prevalent in fall collections because these colors capture the essence of autumn. This color scheme is seen throughout a variety of seasons, but I must admit a maroon top always looks better worn with falling leaves in the backdrop.

Keeping that in mind, this Fashionista embraced fall colors with her ensemble. Her maroon sweater with crotchet trim is casual and feminine. Personally, maroon is my all-time favorite fall color because not only is it classic, but it also looks great on every skin tone. Her brown combat boots are perfect for any laid back look. The maroon zipper also ties in nicely with her sweater. This Fashionista’s tan tote echoes fall and looks perfect with the outfit. Lastly, blue jeans complete this look and make it comfortable enough for running errands or going to class.

This Fashionista proves that during fall it is a must to wear these colors. Even if it is a little chilly outside, you will be sure to warm things up this autumn with some of the hottest hues of the season. She is ready to finish off the rest of fall in style!

One Simple Change: Fall colors are perfect for the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear these colors in the winter or even summer. In the summer, throw on a pair of shorts with a maroon tank top for a breezy look. These colors with be effortlessly chic during any season of the year!