November 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

Having lived in Toronto all of my life, I have a pretty good grasp of our cold weather. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons that we have; the leaves change colors and the temperature is that perfect amount of chill for layering. Fall however doesn’t last long for most Canadians. As soon as that snow hits, you will be wearing your parka for months to come. While we wait for the snow, let’s enjoy the beautiful outfits of fall!

This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of orange trousers to match the colors of fall. Not everyone can pull off wearing a pair of orange trousers; not because they can’t, but because they don’t know how to. I would suggest staying away from patterns and to keep with a solid, and darker shade of orange. The orange trousers also really pop when matched with a white cotton T-shirt and a navy wool peacoat. It adds a warmth to the entire outfit, but remains the star of the outfit since it doesn’t have to compete with other bright colors.

This Fashionisto is very confident wearing a bright color, and by wearing solid colored pants he gives himself room to play around with different colors in his scarf. Even the colors of the scarf are not exceptionally bright which play off the orange pant. The brightest color in the scarf is a light blue that acts as a contrasting color to the orange. The shades of tan, purples and greens all play nicely with the brighter orange pant. Although these colors together should be jarring to the eye, they all work harmoniously together to soften the orange. The texture of the scarf is also soft, which softens up the entire look.

Of course, fall would not be complete without a navy peacoat. How else are you going to stay stylish and warm at the same time? Wool will of course keep you super warm, but be mindful that wool coats can be expensive initially and in the long run. Wool can shrink and lose its shape when you wash it and you might have to consider investing in a good dry cleaner. For us Canadians, fall is only here for a short time before winter and parkas come along, so a faux wool peacoat will do just fine.

This Fashionisto never forgets his shoes! These amazing Levi’s boots have a bit of an army edge to them and are super warm as well. These are perfect for those chilly fall afternoon walks. Since the rest of this outfit has a uniformed texture in each of its items, extra detailing in the laces and trim are a bonus for these shoes.

One Simple Change: Not sure what to wear to for your next date night? Keep the amazing pair of orange pants and T-shirt but swap the peacoat for a bomber jacket to toughen up your look to really impress your date!