November 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Its full-on fall, Fashionistas! Now that the air is much cooler and the leaves are changing color, it’s necessary for your wardrobe to shift accordingly. The two best parts of dressing for cool weather are definitely layering and the use of simple accessories. A statement necklace or hat, for example, is easy to throw on and it adds so much to the overall look.

This fall outfit, done right, is both fashion-forward and functional. When getting dressed in the morning, it’s important to keep in mind the different kinds of tasks you will be doing throughout the day. Furthermore, it’s essential to pick out an outfit that is adjustable to these temperature needs. Indoor and outdoor conditions can vary drastically, whether it’s running back and fourth between classes, the coffee shop on the corner or your favorite campus hangout.

Denim on denim and a plain white T-shirt are the basis of this casual outfit; it is super casual, comfortable and warm. A pair of your favorite booties, a hat, a cute bag and light makeup are the fashion details of this outfit that give it its unique flair and chicness. Simply by changing the colors and styles of the accessories in this look, it remains perfectly on-trend and effortless—and it is adaptable to your own personal style.

One Simple Change: This look lends itself to a casual, everyday feel; however, it can transition well with one simple change. Substituting the jean jacket for a color-blocked or fun patterned blazer will soften the look quite a bit and transform it into a completely new outfit. It’s perfect for a nice Sunday brunch with the girls. Now that you know WHAT TO WEAR, have fun with it!