November 3rd, 2015 at 2:10am

Fall in Chicago is, in reality, every season combined into one. On any given day, it will be warm enough for a T-shirt, while it will be necessary to bundle up later in the evening. Due to this, it’s really important to dress for the changing weather. While it may seem like a good idea to wear a dress in the afternoon, that may not still be the case when you get out of class or work later in the day.

The versatility of this Fashionisto’s outfit is one of the main reasons why he stood out to me. He managed to pull together all of the essentials needed for fall in Chicago. The light layers between the sweater and jacket are enough to battle the random waves of heat or frost. Additionally, the jeans and the shoes are heavy enough to keep toasty. With all of these pieces together, he is able to keep the look practical and classic.

While adaptable, this Fashionisto has also successfully managed to implement many trendy pieces into his look. The faded jeans have a stylish skinny fit while the sweater features a popular graphic print that is often worn during the upcoming holiday season. The brown shoes are a nice touch to add a little warmth to an otherwise mostly-dark palette. He also keeps the accessories simple, yet fashionable with a crisp snapback and a few accessories on both wrists. Lastly, the classic black quilted bomber jacket effectively ties the whole outfit together.

One Simple Change: If you simply exchange the sweater for a tucked in white button-down, this look can easily be worn to a more formal occasion, such as a presentation.