As fall approaches, jeans, ankle boots and layers emerge on college campuses. Walking to class in chillier weather necessitates sweaters, jackets and vests. Personally, my favorite season, fall, is a time for snuggling up as well as showing off your great sense of style. Fall is the best season to layer up and be fashionable in each one. Being able to take something off and still have something amazingly fashionable underneath is the greatest feeling in the world—it must be what Superman feels like.

This Fashionista is rocking it in her light-wash denim and her military jacket-turned-vest. Wearing a vest is always a good alternative to wearing something heavier like a jacket or sweater, especially since fall has recently started. Each piece in this outfit could go with almost any other piece in your wardrobe, but this outfit really says fall in its mute colors and intricate layering of clothing as well as jewelry. Each color stands on its own in this outfit; nothing is too overpowering or underwhelming. Having early classes during the week can make college students not want to put effort into their outfits, and this shows those students that looking fashionable doesn’t take a lot of effort at all!

Her accessories really finish the outfit off because each piece she is wearing is a solid color, which is never a bad thing. Adding some sparkle with a cute extended necklace and a few bracelets really add character to this look. Some of her personalized jewelry is part of the outfit as well. A necklace with her name on it and a snake that she absolutely adores also make this outfit her own. Jewelry never goes out of style, especially when you wear items that have special meaning to you; they add a pronounced individual element.

One Simple Change: Ready for winter already? Swap out the vest for a lovely faux fur coat and add thigh-highs instead of booties. For walking around campus in cold weather, a warm scarf and a chic beanie will go a long way. Winter is time when a lot of your body is being covered up, so jewelry and other accessories should be kept to a minimum to avoid any tangling faux pas.