The leaves are starting to change colors and the number of girls walking around campus with Starbucks to-go cups are multiplying by the day. That can only mean one thing: it’s fall, Fashionistas!

This time of year is wonderful for many reasons; apple picking, pumpkin carving and the best of all: it’s vest season!  It is starting to get a little chilly outside but we are (thankfully!) not yet into parka season. Vests provide the perfect amount of warmth as you are walking to class and you’ll look adorable while doing so. This Fashionista chose a sandy-colored vest that could pull together any outfit. I am also a huge fan of the elbow patches on the sweater. It really is the little things that give a simple outfit a little pizzazz. I really loved how she kept the outfit neutral all the way down to the brown boots.

This Fashionista took a couple neutral, simple pieces and put them together to form a casual but very pulled-together look. Vests and riding boots are my go-to in the fall and are so easy as you run out the door for your 9:00 a.m.

One Simple Change: While I wish fall weather and fashion could last all year, unfortunately it does not; especially in the midwest. Before you know it, snow will be falling instead of the leaves. Just replace the riding boots with snow boots (I cannot wait to break out my L.L.Bean boots) and throw on a thick scarf and voila, a new wintery outfit! Yes, a coat will be needed but I do not want to even think about that yet…