October 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall is definitely in the air here in Northeast Ohio. The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler and pumpkin patches are now in full swing. This is my favorite season when it comes to fashion! Fall is the season where you can start getting more creative with your outfits.

The key to transitioning into fall layering are jackets, flannels, hats and boots. These pieces become an essential during the fall. An easy way to incorporate your summer clothes is to take a summery shirt, and layer it with a flannel or jacket. Another good way to transition is to incorporate key statement pieces. Some examples are: a statement jacket, a leather jacket or a solid pair of boots/booties that can become more of a statement, rather than your leggings or pants. A simple way to transition into fall is to pair any of these key items with a classic top or pant.

This Fashionista put together a successful fall transition outfit. Two elements make this look standout above the rest. The first is her mixing of prints. She took a black and white stripped shirt, and paired it under a red and black flannel. Mixing stripes and plaid is a fun way to experiment with various prints. It is also a way to create dimension within an outfit, which is important when it comes to layering. The second element is wearing her leather jacket on top, which is undeniably the ultimate layering garment. The leather jacket will keep you cool in the mornings, and once it starts to get warmer, you can easily take it off. The crystal statement necklace added a soft touch to the outfit.

One Simple Change: Instead of the flannel and leather jacket, pair the stripes with a denim shirt and a puffer vest. This completely changes the look from being on the grungy side into something more casual.