After months of eager anticipation, it is so exciting to finally be in the best season of the year: fall! This is the time of changing leaves, cozy sweaters, dark lips, cups of tea and pumpkin spiced everything. During this wonderful time a year, I simply cannot get enough of fall fashion. This is the season of layering, with cooler and constantly changing temperatures happening outside. This Fashionista has put together an incredibly stylish look that is perfect for fall.

Layering is a fantastic way to incorporate pieces from your summer wardrobe into the new season. With her navy skater dress, this Fashionista shows how easy it is to transition. Her dress on its own would not be appropriate for chillier weather, but all it needed was a cardigan thrown on top. The camel colored cardigan adds some warmth while flawlessly fitting into the fall color scheme. She accessorized with a beautiful scarf that incorporated the same colors as her dress and sweater. Even though the scarf has a floral pattern, it works seamlessly with the season because the pattern has a darker shade. The final part of this Fashionista’s outfit is the brown lace up heeled oxfords. These shoes are adorable, flattering and truly take the entire look to a new level of style.

All the pieces in this Fashionista’s outfit come together to make a chic and cozy fall look. One of my favorite things about this Fashionista was the neutral shades found throughout her outfit, but the bold colors in her beauty look. The bright pink lipstick adds a fun touch to the darker tones in the rest of her outfit. Obviously though, it is the vibrant purple hair that guarantees this Fashionista will be unforgettable.

One Simple Change: Going out later tonight? Swap out the cardigan for a cropped leather jacket for an edgier evening look!