October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

The air is crisp and fresh. Leaves are changing from hues of green to hues of red and gold. The mornings are mellow, the nights chilly. The remnants of summer are being whisked away by fall. Fashionista/os everywhere are bidding summer farewell and welcoming all that the fall season brings.

Although the sunny days and sweltering heat start to dwindle, you’re wardrobe doesn’t have to. You can hold onto summer a little longer by taking your favorite warm weather pieces with you into fall.

One of the hottest summer trends that took the world by storm is the infamous T-shirt dress. This Fashionista keeps it simple and pairs it with a dainty necklace and simple rings. Not only is the T-shirt dress cozy and cute, it’s an effortless look without much effort. Who could ask for anything better than that? But how do you turn this summer favorite into a fall staple? The answer to that is simple—layers. Fall is all about layering. To get the perfect look on a cool fall day simply throw on your favorite flannel or denim jacket and BAM, there you have it, your T-shirt dress is now fall ready.

Now that we have the dress bit down, what do you do with all those shorts you were rocking in the summer sun? Don’t shove them in the back of your closet just yet. Transitioning them into a fall and winter ready look is easy with the addition of tights. For warmer, yet still chilly days where you want to show a little skin, swapping the tights for thigh-highs can add some edge while completing your look.

It’s sad to see summer go, but with these easy breezy layering tips, the transition won’t be so bad. Bring it on Mother Nature because now we’re ready.

One simple change: Ready for a night out but still want to keep it casual? You can easily dress up your T-shirt dress by throwing on a leather jacket and a pair of booties. You’ll have an edgy yet casual look that’s ready for a girl’s night out on the town!