October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

And so it begins—the temperature is steadily dropping, the leaves are changing colors, Starbucks puts Pumpkin Spice Lattes back on their menu, and you realize your bottoms are slowly transitioning from shorts, to capris, to jeans—ladies and gentlemen, welcome to fall.

So how exactly do you dress for this season? Well one thing’s for sure: you will definitely need a jacket. I’m not talking about a coat or a parka with a fur hood. I promise that you will truly be mocked if you ever wore that in 50 degree weather in Chicago. I’m talking about a nice light, but warm jacket, similar to the one that this Fashionisto has on. His Barbour Bowden quilted jacket is great for fall because it’s not too heavy but definitely does the job in keeping you warm. Another item this Fashionisto got right is his J. Crew wool button-down shirt. Wool button-down shirts work in the fall because it adds another layer of warmth during those colder days. A great addition to this ensemble are his Levi Brand Jeans. People, here’s a side note: make sure you own at least one pair of Levi jeans because they will last you a lifetime and make you look and feel amazing. With that said, these jeans go great with pretty much any shoes you choose! Which brings me to this Fashionisto’s Geox Chukka lace-ups. These shoes are currently a new and hot trend in men’s fashion because they are not only comfortable to walk in, but they are also very stylish and can go with any outfit. Finishing off this look are, of course, the accessories. The Hermès bracelet adds a classic touch to the outfit. Also, sunglasses are a must-have in hand to not only protect your eyes from those beaming rays, but also enhance your ensemble. Looking at this Fashionisto’s outfit as a whole, he is so ready to hit the pumpkin patches!

One Simple Change: So, let’s say the temperature is below zero, snow is on the ground, and peppermint mochas are back on the Starbucks menu. Okay, now is the time that I’m going to tell you to switch your quilted jacket with the parka with the fur hood. As warm as that quilted jacket is, it will not keep you warm enough during the winter. And, if you’re living in Chicago, bless your soul because you have just entered the polar vortex.