The seasons are changing, as should your style. Autumn is a time for deep colors and layering. This year, the fashion world has welcomed mulberry, mustard yellow and forest green as the trendy colors of the season. These colors bring warmth into any outfit while reflecting all the colors found in nature right now. Fall is a season where you can layer different garments and create a much more complex look. It offers an opportunity to add texture and various components to any outfit.

This Fashionista found a way to incorporate various color combinations as well as textures, which is ideal to stand out at this time. Something interesting about her clothes is that her sweater and shorts came from her mother when she was this Fashionista’s age. This is a prime example of how fashion gets recycled and renewed over time. For this year, incorporating your older pieces with the new can add a new flare to any regular look.

This Fashionista’s outfit heavily embraces vintage style. Her knit sweater with geometric shapes and small pompom accents paired greatly with her corduroy high-waisted shorts and orange jacket, which added an urban flair to her preppy look. In addition to the elements in her clothes, her accessories insert a delicate appeal. Her dainty gold watch and bracelets coordinate well with the colors in her outfit. The chestnut brown in her loafers and Fossil tote bag complement the warm theme of this fall.

One Simple Change: One way to have this look transform from the ideal autumn look to something more appropriate for a presentation would be switching out the orange jacket for a tan blazer. Throwing on a blazer still celebrates awesome layering while adding a professional edge.