Italy is slowly easing its way into the fall season and I couldn’t be happier. Although there is still a bit of humidity, the air is just cold enough to permit Fashionistas/os to wear long sleeves and a pair of jeans. I personally think fall is a great season for people to experiment with their outfits since layering is a great opportunity to sport different textures and prints. This Fashionista opted for a look that is great for any casual day during the cool season.

The overall look of her outfit definitely personifies fall. The striped button-up is unconventional with its asymmetric lines and the blue hints match well with her denim jeans. This top was actually purchased at a local flea market (definitely a bang for your buck deal). By tucking in the shirt into her high-waisted pants and adding a belt, this Fashionista accentuates her curves and offers extra length to her legs. The boots make a perfect fit for the weather especially when it rains. The leather accents from her belt and bag add more weight to the outfit and give off a vintage vibe.

What is so great this Fashionista’s style is that her outfit will complement any person. The button-up is timeless and a nice pair of jeans is a quintessential piece made for anyone’s wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Heading out for a nice girl’s night out? Switch the jeans for a cute mini skirt and slip into your favorite heels. Add a few accessories such as a statement necklace and rings to complete the look. Be sure to put on a bold lip to brighten your smile!