It’s that time of year where we once again must say our bitter goodbyes to summer and welcome our old friend fall. As much as I love the fall weather, summer is such a hard season to leave behind. With the season change right around the corner we must pack up our Daisy dukes and break out our jeans and layering pieces. It can be a little tricky to dress for this time of year, especially here in New England. With the temperature and weather patterns changing constantly, it gets tough for us to keep up! Luckily, I saw this Fashionista who had no problem embracing the changing of the seasons in style.

Her detailed army jacket is the perfect outerwear item for fall. This jacket will keep her both warm and cool during fluctuating temperatures. She paired this statement jacket with a simple white T-shirt and pair of dark skinny jeans. This, my fellow Fashionistas/os, is the perfect example of fall layering. Even if she ditches the jacket, her outfit is still cute and comfortable. I love the layered look of these simple triangle and feather necklaces. It makes the look more intricate and complete. Don’t even get me started on her cute lace-up boots. These boots are the definition of fall footwear and keep you looking great while stomping through crisp colorful leaves.

One Simple Change: Temperatures keep dropping? Switch out the basic white T-shirt for a thermal shirt. The thermal will provide extra warmth, but keep you looking cute. Still feeling the chill? Add some fun winter hats and scarves to the mix. Play with different colors and patterns until you find the right look for you. This look can take you from a summer to fall transition as well as fall to winter.