Fall is my favorite season; the leaves change, the cold air comes in and fashion gets better! Fall clothing incorporates beautiful colors and patterns that you can layer for a fashionable and cozy look. Scarves become easy and practical accessories, and don’t even get me started on all of the kinds of boots you can wear! Being stylish in this autumn season isn’t hard and often lets even the least creative people experiment with their clothing.

This Fashionisto’s outfit shows how you can smoothly transition into your fall wardrobe. It may not be cold enough for a jacket, but you can begin to layer your clothing for those cold mornings. I really loved his plaid flannel shirt because it simply screams that fall is here! The subdued gray color really matches those overcast days we often see in the season. A hint of blue also runs throughout the plaid for a little bit of color. Faded jeans show a worn-in style so that he does not look too polished; yet, it spares any distressing in the fabric details. His durable Timberland boots add a lighter color to offset his darker clothing. Plus, boots like these will hold up in the rain and cold, and always look good with a flannel shirt. To add a polished touch, he wore his Michael Kors leather band watch. The watch can be worn with many of his outfits to add a classic appeal.

What’s awesome about this look is how it can be easily transferred into a woman’s outfit. An oversized men’s plaid shirt can be paired with skinny jeans to balance it out. The Timberland boots will keep your feet protected, and a cozy knit scarf will make the look irresistible. Throw on a sleek watch for a final touch.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto has a nice date later that night, all he has to do is put on a nice shirt and sweater, and switch the Timberland boots for brown shoes.