Pop quiz: What should you wear for cold weather plus sunshine plus a busy day? A) Ski pants and a down jacket? B) Stilettos and a bodycon dress? C) Pajamas and house slippers? D) Ankle booties and a light jacket?

If you answered D, you’re a winner! You, just like our featured Fashionista, have mastered the art of looking good, staying comfortable and remaining functional all at the same time.

While pajamas may be on-trend right now with certain celebrities (looking at you, Selena Gomez), they are not always acceptable for us non-celebrities, and in my case, would encourage sleeping in public on whatever flat semi-comfy surface I could find.

So instead of humiliating myself like that, I’ll take a few fashion cues from this well dressed Fashionista!

My favorite part of her outfit is the light olive army jacket, her plaid scarf,  fringe booties and gold tear drop earrings. I love it all! I can’t pick a favorite; they all complement each other so well! Don’t you love the way her jeans accentuate her long legs and how the tie around her jacket accentuates her curves? The cuff on her skinny jeans also hits perfectly just above those fabulous suede fringe booties I mentioned before.

One Simple Change: This outfit is so versatile, you could take it to just about any different occasion. Girlfriends want to go out after classes? Remove your scarf and show a little skin. Seeing your favorite band perform later? Slip your band T-shirt on under the light jacket and you are set. Meeting your significant other’s parents for lunch? You don’t even need to change anything! They’ll love you for your great fashion sense and awesome personality.