November 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

So much to do, so little time to do so much. This is a daily struggle for many college students. Now I know why they say sleep doesn’t exist around here! We all have those days when we need to throw something on to run a few quick errands. Whether you’re sprinting to the library to print out a paper before class or heading to the laundromat, this Fashionista has the perfect on-the-go getup!

Now, let’s start with one of the first items to grab before rushing out of your room. A top. This Fashionista opted for a crewneck sweater. The construction is pretty simple but, warm. Royal blue is a bold color that’ll always catch the eye. As for the jeans, they’re not quite distressed. A couple cuts across each knee allow just enough little wiggle room for a Fashionista on the move! The faded, charcoal color gives the pants a vintage feel. It’s a little windy outside so a light cargo jacket will do just fine. Navy is always a great color for chilly weather. The hood protects against a threatening, rainy weather forecast.

As far as accessories go, this Fashionista opted for a minimalist approach. A classic pair of brown loafers contrast the casual nature of the ensemble. Leather soles and a pointy toe are a recipe for cuteness. Of course, it wouldn’t be college without a backpack. The Fashionista sports a gray knapsack on her shoulders. She lightly pulled back her hair into a knot to keep it from falling in her face. A couple pieces may blow in the wind but, who doesn’t love a little Farrah Fawcett action?

One Simple Change: The sun is out but, it’s a lot colder outside than you dressed for this morning. Stop by your place and grab a snakeskin print infinity scarf. The cloth will keep your neck cozy while also doubling as an awesome accessory.