Well, we’ve made it. Summer is finally coming to an end and school is about to resume again. However, before we say our goodbyes to our friends from home and rejoin the normalcy of school, we’ve got things to get done. I’m taking about all the errands you’ve got to do. You know, that excursion you’re taking to Urban Outfitters to get a tapestry for your room that will end up in at least two new outfits? It’s a busy time; we’re all getting ready to go back to college. However, just because we’re crazy busy doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish!

This Fashionista shows us how to look casual, stay comfy and look cute all at the same time. Her striped T-shirt is casual, yet still cute. She pairs this classic top with her gray khaki shorts. These shorts are a great piece in any outfit, because it takes a classic short and makes it feel trendy and feminine. The distressed look of these shorts give them a casual vibe. The length is perfect and feminine but not too short that you’ll feel uncomfortable when you’re running around all day.

This Fashionista also couples this great outfit with equally fantastic jewelry. Her elephant necklace is the perfect accessory to grab in a rush, because it literally will go with so many different outfits! Her beaded bracelets also give this outfit a fun twist. I know so many of us have old, beaded bracelets lying around. Start wearing them, again! They give your outfit that playful edge but because they are matching you’ll look like you planned it. Her bright, orange nails also add a fun pop of color to her outfit. Why not wear your summer nail colors one last time?

All around, this Fashionista looks like she’s ready to get stuff done but still look cute while doing it. When you can feel your life becoming crazy, a good outfit can change how you feel about the day and yourself!

One Simple Change: Have a long car ride to get back to campus? Throw on some light wash jeans and white Converse and you’re ready to travel in style!