Okay, we all know how hot and humid Chicago can be. You need to run to Trader Joes, but, OH BOY, it is 90 degrees and humid outside. So here lies the question: what do you wear? This Fashionista does an awesome job of remaining cool and cute while heading out to run some errands.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to the grocery store sporting her adorable black and white plaid dress, some cute sandals and a light denim jacket. I automatically fell in love with this look because of how comfortable yet adorable it is! Denim jackets are a summer staple for many reasons. First of all, they are extremely light and comfortable. Denim jackets are also extremely casual yet can be dressed up.

This Fashionista adds several accessories in order to give her outfit a touch of personality. On top of her cute dress and denim jacket, she rocks an awesome layered necklace. Layered necklaces are great for any occasion! They add some spunk to any outfit. To top it all off, this Fashionista makes a statement with her bold red lipstick. The lipstick contrasts with her neutral outfit making her overall look incredibly unique.

So, next time you need to run some errands and you can’t decide on an appropriate outfit, throw on a dress, add a simple jacket and a pair of sandals and you’re set! But don’t forget to add your own personal flair by adding a few accessories and/or a bright lip!

One Simple Change: Uh Oh! You’re done with your errands but you realize you told your new friend you would meet for an early dinner in 30 minutes! No worries! Switch the denim jacket for a leather jacket to give your outfit a more of a dressed up feel, freshen your lip stick and you’re all set!