WHAT TO WEAR: Earn That Money

Hey there! This month’s article is going to focus on what to wear in a business type environment. This could be an internship, a class presentation, or an interview. A lot of people think that dressing for business means dressing boring, but this Fashionista shows us that isn’t true.

Generally, a good formula when shopping for business casual clothes is to pick clothes that are in darker hues because they tend to be more versatile and come across more professional than brighter colors. You want to pick pieces that make you feel comfortable even though they might not be something you’d wear on an everyday basis if you had a choice. If you are uncomfortable in what you wear, it will show through in the confidence level you are able to show to whoever you are engaging in business with. Feeling confident in your outfit and how you present yourself can be a key to feeling more confident in what you are saying and doing in a work environment.

This Fashionista sticks to shades of black and gray to create her outfit. She pairs her black long sleeve top with a gray sweater that has shorter sleeves, letting the top peek out through the sweater. She pairs this with black pants that are subtly patterned to add interest. The real showpiece of the outfit it her heeled booties, which show off her personal style while still staying appropriate for the workplace.

I wanted to show off her cute pink phone case because, in my opinion, it’s another fun way to show off your personality without coming off unprofessional and over the top.
I hope you liked this article and use some of these tips in your style!