WHAT TO WEAR: Denim on Denim to a Concert

WHAT TO WEAR: Denim on Denim to a Concert

While Utah is known for their gorgeous, snow capped mountains and cold temperatures, weather in the valley can change drastically overnight. One day it will be 30 degrees, then 64 degrees the next. This Fashionista got lucky while attending a concert one night, because the weather only called for a light jacket instead of a coat.

She sports distressed jeans with a fun denim jacket. The denim jacket is from Forever 21 and is embroidered with a playful Korea patch with a tiger in flowers. Underneath, she wears a loose, black tank top, so she can take off her jacket and drape it over her shoulders or around her waist to keep cool if it gets warm at the concert venue.

Her buckled, black shoes from Nordstrom add to the edginess of her denim outfit. Hats always make a statement, and this black hat from Forever 21 softens the look. Her silver and turquoise rings are also the perfect addition to complete the outfit. Having only three rings keeps it simple and not overbearing. I believe there is such a thing as wearing too many rings.

I am not the biggest fan of denim on denim, but this Fashionista killed it. She makes the outfit look edgy, while still being soft and playful. This fun outfit is what would stand out to me at a concert, because it’s fashion forward and not the typical club attire you would often see. Whether you’re attending a concert or just going out to town, this outfit is perfect for the upcoming spring weather.