WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

September 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

One of the most arduous ensembles to construct can be styling a look that can spontaneously transition from day to night. A day and night look does not always have to be exclusive; with simple alterations, whatever you decide to don during the day can easily be revamped into a night look. There are a bounty of ways to promote an offhand outfit to an ensemble worthy of indelible nights out with friends, merely by augmenting a few elements.

A midst a college student’s swamped schedule, a full blown outfit switcheroo sometimes just isn’t practical, so a few alterations are paramount in order to enhance your outfit for the evening. From adding a few accessories to subtracting an item of clothing, just a few versatile key pieces are the only prerequisites for making a seamless transition from laborious morning classes to grandiose nights with the guys. Whatever the occasion, this Fashionisto is able to take his look and transcend it effortlessly into cooler temperatures.

From generation to generation, new styles are constantly fading and then slowing coming back as time goes on. As we see in thrift shops and in the back of our parent’s closets, the same pieces that had been forgotten and only served use for collecting dust are now back in and hip. A noteworthy trend is the surge of ‘90s wear in the fashion industry; although different decades are always flashing in and out of the radar, they always come back tweaked to better fit the modern generation. From the ’90s to present day, many things have transformed in the fashion cosmos. Denim outerwear still remains an effortless way to add layers to some summer favorites, as exhibited by this Fashionisto in his dark wash piece from Banana Republic.

Some of the prominent summer ensembles with jean jackets pair the classic piece with cropped colored chinos or monochrome sundresses. But in the world of grunge circa 1990, the best way to rock a jean jacket is to layer it over a structured plaid shirt, like this Fashionisto did. Navy and red are an ideal color mixture for any plaid pattern, as seen in this example from American Eagle Outfitters. For the ladies, acid wash jeans, ripped denim and boyfriend jeans are especially quintessential this season and work great with any flannel look.

This Fashionisto chose some khakis from Levi Brand Jeans, buttoning the shirt to create a solid foundation for the denim jacket and emit a semblance of stability. Of course, shoes and accessories are crucial to embellishing an accentless collection. This smart sartorialist styled his some denim Polo Ralph Lauren shoes. Solidifying both the color scheme and aesthetic appeal.

One Simple Change: While slim fit pants are rather appealing, they are not the most pragmatic option when it comes time to labor over the books. Swap out the khaki pants for some cargo joggers, and study the night away.